Children’s Ministries

Since it’s beginnings, Bethel has had a commitment to nurturing our children in the faith. We believe that God cares deeply about each of God’s children (young and old). Bethel attempts to nurture its children in a variety of ways:

Early Service
During the early service, children are invited to remain in the sanctuary and participate in as much of the service as possible.

Sunday School
Pre-K: Downstairs and to the Right @ 9:45AM

Elementary: Downstairs and to the Right @ 9:45AM

Second Service-Children’s Church

During the second service, a nursery is available. Children who are beyond nursery age are invited to begin the service worshiping alongside of their parents. At a designated time, generally before the sermon, a specific blessing is prayed over the children, and they are invited to head downstairs for a children’s church lesson. The children return to the sanctuary during the passing of the peace time and are invited to join their parents in gathering around God’s table with the Eucharist. Children’s church runs from September to June, during the academic school year.

Throughout the calendar year, there are several specifically designated family events in which parents are invited to bring their children to the church for nurture and discipleship.