Rule of Life

A Rule of Life arises from a need to structure communal life so that the most important elements of a community’s life are not lost.  One might say a Rule of Life serves to guide the congregation around important life-shaping practices.  A good and familiar example of a community Rule is the Rule of St. Benedict.

Although not as extensive and exhaustive as the Rule of St. Benedict, the Bethel congregation has developed a short Rule to govern and guide their life.

Bethel’s Rule of Life encourages and guides us to:

  • Reflect daily on the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • Cultivate a daily life of prayer for the world, this community, and one another.
  • Attend to the corporate rhythm of worship.
  • Strive to find a healthy balance between spiritual, emotional, and physical health.
  • Engage in some form of ministry of justice, peace, reconciliation, mercy, and hospitality that reflects our heritage.
  • Live in such a way that our individual lives and our shared life together reflect the life of Christ in the world.